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Mitch D'Amour, Renee D'Amour

Have you ever felt like time keeps speeding by? You hear an awesome sermon one Sunday morning that touches your soul and you think, I need to process this some more and spend time with Jesus in this, then all of a sudden, it’s Sunday morning again and you are learning something else through a great sermon, then life happens and it is now three months and you haven’t had a chance to process any of these things with God and this cycle just keeps going…. Come join us on Tuesday evenings, from 6:30p-8:00pm, to review the previous Sunday’s sermon through an intimate discussion and let us find out what Jesus is inviting us into individually and perhaps as a church. Our longing is to encourage one another to grow spiritually stronger and closer with Christ and to feel empowered by the Spirit through prayer, fellowship, and community.

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Tuesday - 6:30 PM